Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poor Piggies

(I've mentioned a couple of times that pork is kind of a popular thing here in Oki....)

Don't you think this should be on an Okinawan funny page somewhere? If the locals understood this they'd laugh their heads off. 


Ernie Santa Ana said...

Buta-sando wa totemo oishii desu ne! Mainichi tonkatsu o tabete kudasai. Soshite motsuni mo ii ja nai ka!!!!

(Trans.: A ham sandwich is very delicious. Please eat pork cutlets everyday. And, isn't pig innards stew also good?)

The Howes Family said...

To funny.
Are you telling me the random pig heads everywhere don't make you want to eat pork? Ahh come on.(-: Maybe just when they are dressed up and wearing shades?

Tempting.. haha

E said...

hahahah thats funny.