Monday, June 23, 2008


Who'd have thought that with Mia out of school I'd be MORE BUSY!?

I'm taking lots of photos. Mostly for other people, not so much for my own fun. Getting a business started is craziness. But I'll share soon!

We THOUGHT JCI was due on Craig's car in July. It was June. We have 1 car and now I'm hitching rides this week - it's hard for me to rely on others. And we're preparing to be gouged too... ugh.

Mia has swim, t-ball starts tomorrow (Tuesday), piano lessons, and a desire to be doing fun things 24/7. Yeah, the life of a 6-year-old is good here. When does school start?

Lots more - but now I must wake the child to get ready. I promise - news SOON. Launching the business when she goes back to school at the end of August.

And oh - preparing for potentially our first storm! It just rounded the Philippines bend.... stay tuned! (Frankly, I wouldn't mind a rainy day or two!)


The Howes Family said...

I am now obsessed with the pioneer woman blog. thanks a lot. (-;
I was up till one a.m. reading my camera manual. changing settings. Holy cow.
I am going manual. hah I figure anything has to be better than what I was taking. I do not want to more sightseeing and have mediocre pics. THEN when my PC comes with my photoshop it will be a whole new set of learning.

If you need a ride, holla.

Ernie Santa Ana said...

I need to get busy with my two side businesses, if I'm want to earn a living on the east coast. Busy, busy, busy...given today's economy, we Americans have to work even least I'll be doing what I like for the first time in ages!

E said...

Busy Busy busy thats awesome though.. I love summertime

Edith said...

Be safe in the storm!
Can't wait for the launch!!