Saturday, June 7, 2008

Worthy Checklist & Shout Out To Teens or Teen Parents

Seth Godin's Email Checklist
A good read for folks who feel the need to forward things. Or to reply to forwarded things. Anyway, you get the point.

On a completely DIFFERENT note - I know there are a bunch of local Okinawa-stationed peoples who read this. If you're one of them and you are going into your senior year in high school, or if you're a parent of a son or daughter graduating in '09, (or know someone in that category) I want to take some senior photos.

I'd like for my photography portrait business to focus on Okinawa's seniors, to give them a choice other than what they're given. I need to build that portfolio a bit. I have a great deal if you are a/have a teenager whose pictures need to be taken. Put a comment in this post with your email address if you're interested - I have to approve before posting comments, and will NOT post your email address here for all to see.

(Ok, did I just write graduating in '09? ACK! Next year it will have been 20 YEARS since my graduation. Too bad I'm not in the states for the reunion. Or is it?)

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Ernie Santa Ana said...

Seth's #36 is a great filter. I hate receiving junk mail at home. If marketing firm "X" said, "Ernie probably isn't interested in our portable walrus tusk polishing kits. Let's save 42 cents and skip this guy."