Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, I was already an aunt - to my gorgeous nephew.

But as if today I'm an aunt to beautiful Brooke Morgan - my sister-in-law's baby girl. (Is she not GORGEOUS!?) She was born today/yesterday (depending on if you're in Japan) 6/7/8 (nice!) at 12:57 pm. She's 4.3 lbs and 5 weeks early, but thankfully doing great so far. I couldn't be happier today! Congrats Mommy Court & Daddy Jake! We already love her!

I'm feeling the distance - they're in Seattle and I want SO badly to come with gifts and lasagna. Send all the love and quick-to-be-out-of-the-hospital prayers & vibes their way! And Jake - good luck on those finals. I hope after they're over you have a couple of days to enjoy your new little girl.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

Cute, a button!

E said...

Well congrats Auntie.. she is beautiful they both are