Sunday, July 13, 2008

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jack

Saturday morning, Mia's team - The A's - had their first t-ball game. I had no idea how entertaining and cute this would be. The kids had so much fun.

The rules at this point are a bit more lax; they have about 15 kids on the team, and each kid gets to bat. The ball is on a tee (obviously), and there are no outs counted and no score kept. Until they're 7. At which point, they're back to the regular rules.

What this means is that everyone can bat, which is great. But it also means that every time, the kids in the field are directed to throw the ball they catch to first base. Or home plate, but mostly first base. THAT means all the kids in the outfield and anywhere to the pitcher's right are not seeing any action. At all. In this heat.

So here's Mia at shortstop. Charged to go. Wait a minute.... nothing's coming my way. Ok. Officially bored to yawning.

Mia's first time on base!

Heading in after rounding the bases.

In the dugout cooling off.

Cutest batter EVER.

Hm. Ok. What to do here. (Guy on the left is the head coach - awesome coach. Like him very much.)
We need to work on the power in that swing....
But that girl can RUN.
Hot and sticky in the dugout.

All in all, great game! The kids fielded REALLY well! Mia goes right for the balls - in practice. But yesterday she just didn't get anything coming her way so no chance to practice. Soon enough. She's so happy to be out there.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of her yawning...omg, that's classic. She is adorable and these are great pictures! DJ was just saying how he can't wait until our little ones are old enough to play actual games... :) Good job mama.

E said...

awww.. love these ... my sons' team was the athletics this year too.. how cool is that.. good luck to them... Love baseball.. LOVE IT

Ernie Santa Ana said...

That Okinawan weather! Must be getting really "mushiatsui" by now, huh?

BTW - great pics in this and previous post. If that T-ball stand was any taller, Mia could've hid behind it...she's so skinny! Oh, the goggle shot in the pool; for some reason, I picture a future Halloween crime fighting costume...

It's late here in California...I'm getting loopy.

Mom said...

I just bought Mia her own first cookbook - the kind where you make funny-faced bologna sandwiches and veggie fantasy figures. MAYBE she'll eat then? Still with those long legs and that beautiful smile, she's gorgeous, isn't she? This from a not-too-biased grandma!