Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dear Swim Program Director...

My daughter loves her swim lessons. She's happy as a little fish when she gets to swim.

She's made new friends and learned about safety. (This makes Mom & Dad very happy and more confident in her ability to stay safe in the water.)

She got a certificate when she finished level 3, and proudly displayed it at home. Very big accomplishment. It did start to rain really hard during the last day, so the certificate (and the kids) were quite soaked with rain water... but that's ok.

While dancing in the pouring rain, something I love to do as well, I took a few photos as she puddle hopped. How much concern should I have about the fact that there's an electrical wire running through the puddle my child is standing in? Thankfully, she's fine.... but maybe it's time to reconsider the wiring situation near the swimming pool.

(I have to say, I didn't even notice this. I showed these photos to Craig so that he could see that it was pouring cats and dogs because it didn't rain a drop at our house! Craig pointed that out and in hindsight I laughed, but... um, yeah. Wow.)

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Ernie Santa Ana said...

I used to be a local cable TV videographer at sports events, mainly football, and I always found myself standing in puddles with all sorts of electrical equipment and cords. Surprisingly, most of the juice gets sucked into the ground; thus the term "grounded." It's only when something was improperly wired did the juice find it's way up my leg and into my camera. Yeah, 48 volts DC doesn't sound like much, but it's enough to force me to drop a $50,000 camera. Luckily, the mud was soft enough to save the camera (and my job).