Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Response to Ernie

So I just saw this bit of hilarity and it reminded me to write about something (this coincidence is a pretty good one too by the way... I can't believe I hadn't blogged this yet and Ernie made a parody of this particular song).

So that song, "I Kissed a Girl" (by Katy Perry - not the much more harmless 1995 Jill Sobule version) is popular right now. It's catchy as all heck and once it's in your head you're singing it for days. Here's the problem.... when you have a 6 1/2-year-old DAUGHTER who's singing it for days, it suddenly becomes horrendously inappropriate. HOW do you explain this? "The taste of her cherry Chapstick," grrr..... I do not need Mia singing this to the masses in her new 1st grade class. At least I was in junior high when "Like a Virgin" came out, and I can't imagine how happy the parents were with Madonna's choices.

We just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance (aforementioned big favorite in this house) and on a recent episode, Katy Perry was on the show singing this song. That was the first time Mia had heard it, and she LOVED it. She has a good musical ear, so within minutes she's jumping around the house singing it "I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT!" AAAAAAAAAAAARGH.

Every so often, hubby has a stroke of genius in the parenting department. Suddenly he decided that if they got creative with the lyrics it would be really funny. Thus ensued, "Mommy kissed a horse and she liked it!" And, "Mia ate a cicada and she liked it!" (Yeah, 3 syllables, so what? We made it work.) Whew. Crisis averted. And her creativity is pretty good really.

I think Craig was quite proud of himeslf. Until her retort was, "Daddy kissed a boy and he liked it..."


Ernie Santa Ana said...

James Brown had to step back and kiss himself. So, I predict lots of people will ______(fill in the blank) and will like it...

"I pumped my gas, and I liked it."
"I washed my dog, and I liked it."
"I ate takoyaki, and I like it."

It can go on and on...

Aviva, you've got a wonderful family. How about you all kiss each other. I'm sure you'd all like it.


MAS said...

Aviva posted a funny blog and I liked it!

NickA13 said...

ROFL. I'm so not letting Craig live that one down.