Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Day of Swim!

The Camp Adventure staff at the pool on the last day of swim...Haha! how cool is this?

Or this (the princesses all pushed Prince Charming in, and this is what the result was):

Just having a little fun on this site. Thanks, Katherine & Shannan!

A few more from the day are very soon to come. I've been busy and your eyes shall benefit. The calm before the storm! (I hope.)


Katherine said...

That is so cool. Prince Charming looks quite charming falling into the pool like that. Such style! How did you get them all posing for your camera. Love it!

Lewellen Family said...

Nice animation there :)
Nice pictures too!
Better weather than our last day of swim for sure ;)

Ernie Santa Ana said...

I'm so gonna make me some gifs! Thanks for the link.

Liza said...

Those pictures look great Aviva!

So, wow 5 IPODS? It would sound better if some were just used for the car, and the others for personal use, right? Haha. Joey is a HUGE Guitar Hero player! We were going to buy Rock Band for the PS3, but we didn't see any at the BX, gonna try Foster this weekend! Joey and I have yet to catch up to you guys. Still need a Wii, another DS, 3 more IPODS, and an IPHONE!

E said...

aww.. fun fun fun