Friday, February 27, 2009

Mia Quote

(I know, it's been forever. I'll post some Thailand photos soon. But this one had to be blogged.)

Mia: Today at school was fun. We had a substitute teacher.
Mom: Oh yeah? How'd that go?
Mia: He was cool. His name was kinda funny.
Mom: What was it?
Mia: Mr. Hyman! (grins & giggles) Isn't that FUNNY?
Mom: What's funny about that name? (Stifling a laugh and slightly amazed.)
Mia: Mr. Hyman. Like, "HI, Man!" Haha! Isn't that funny?
Mom: Yes. Very funny. You have no idea how funny.


OkiStephie said...

Totally thought it was going a different direction!!! I still laughed though!

Nicole said...

LOL! That is HYSTERICAL! Why is it that we, adults, always turn a child's innocent comments into something perverse? She's is going to be so embarrassed when she gets older and realizes what mom's first inclination was towards why Mr Hyman's name was sooooo dang funny. Gotta love it!

Heather said...


she has NO IDEA. NONE.

I can not stop laughing!

.E. said...

teeheee.. .thats awesome. I love how we think the worst.. and her answer is so sweet and innocent.

Tania said...

OMFG that is HILARIOUS! hahahahahahaha Thanks Mia for bringing us all back to reality!

Sumeba Miyako said...

hilarious! I think Hi-Man is pretty funny too. ; )

erniesbudolab said...

Yikes! She'll come home one day from school, slam her books down, and say: MOM! Gahhhhhhh!