Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Back. I Think.

HI THERE. Is anyone still here? Anyone? Bueller? (crickets chirping....)

I am. Still here that is. And Craig misses my blogging. So for him, I'm going to make a valiant effort to do more personal blogging this summer. (And hopefully for one or two of YOU, readers.)

First up - a video of something pretty dern cool. From the children's museum next to the Okinawa Zoo. VIDEO.....

And for Mia & Staci (Mia's BEST friend in 1st grade, who just moved back to the states) it was a last day to hang out together. It was super fun for me too, Tiffany!

The girls playing in the costume room...

little chair


giant donut & tea next to giant chairall the kids in the giant chair
learning about air pressure
Mia & Staci's last great hug :(

and all the kids on the koala bears at the zoo entrance.

Amazing father's day shots soon - we took a road trip. It's hot. Super hot. But we're hoping to hit Hawaii this summer via Space A. Cross your fingers! We're dying to go. I've missed this! Back soon....


The Reedys said...

It's great to see you back here... :)

Joelle said...

Ok, this is so funny cuz not only did I JUST post about the Wonder Museum last night, but as Brent and I were standing by the boys playing with the golf balls I said, "Ya know, we've never even been in THAT room (the one with the costumes). You know it's cuz we don't have a girl yet. Dear Lord, what will we do with a girl."