Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Photography

I started this personal blog just before moving to Okinawa two years ago. It served me well.

Now I have a professional photography business, so I have a blog there too. Understandably a separate place for my photography. I also use Facebook and flickr.

So - a little poll....

I can't upload photos to four different places, that's just ridiculous. I barely have time to play with my personal/travel/art photography AS it is, let alone post it to 4+ different sites!

Where should I post those types of photos? Pick one, maximum of two sites please. Comment away or email me.

To satisfy you.... a couple from our Father's Day trip to Onna and north.

A quick stop by the big pigs and bull on the side of 58 in Yomitan.

Which also yielded the answer to the "who's the big papa pig?" question. Yeesh!

Some amazingly bright flowers.
And a gorgeous cape. (Manza-mo: Cape Manza) - see the little teeny people on the cliff? For scale of course.
I love this one of Mia. Even though she's wearing her HS Musical watch from the prize machine at the bowling alley. Yeesh.

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Katherine said...

Here are my thoughts... some of my favorite blogs have a little bit of everything and lots of variety. A bit of the business, a bit of the personal stuff like family, and a bit of modge podge thrown in there too. Why not combine this one with your photography one. This blog is where I became a fan of your pictures so I am very partial. I think the two blogs should hitch up. Then use Facebook as a place to leave a link for when you update your blog. These are just my thoughts... take em of leave em.