Monday, June 25, 2007

Eventful Days

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the mall downtown. Today (Monday) more apartment hunting We hope we can find it.

Standing by a Pirates movie poster by the theater in town near American Village. The American Village Mall was apparently designed to look like a San Diego mall.

Mia hugging a dragon on the way up the stairs to the carnival park (with the ferris wheel, see below)

That is the ferris wheel (in Japanese: kandancha)- it goes very slowly, you can only see it moving if you really stare at it. It takes about 45 minutes to go once around in the little enclosed capsules on there. We'll do it eventually, but not in this heat I'm thinking.

This is a fountain outside the American Village shops - water pours out of the oil cans above into the convertible VW below - cute.

Now I NEVER in a million years thought I'd find a shirt like this in an Okinawa shop! We really wanted to get one for Mia, but there were none in her size. (and too small for me)

Craig's new car!! Very small, but very efficient. It's a Toyota Vitz with a CD player & a cassette player too - old school. Send over your old mix tapes!

Yeah, the place we looked at today has this view off the balcony and from the bedroom. Wouldn't exactly be awful, eh? Alas, they want too much for it - and Craig tells me that drunk idiots get loud along the sea wall here late at night - we don't need that. Not to mention if typhoons roll in, our cars (parked underneath in the garage) would be submerged. No fun.

Just came from another place that we really liked! 1 block from the place with the view above (so no ocean view, but that's ok) and 2 blocks from a really cool park. Say a little prayer! More news when we get it.

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