Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Been Too Long!

I'm SO sorry my friends and family, things are insane. My daughter started school, I started a new job - and I finally had some time to get out and enjoy a few new things. Very lucky me, and now that I can finally tell you about some of these things....very lucky YOU!

Ok, firstly - I see my last post was Thursday and it's now Sunday. Mia did fantastic in school for her first few days. I know only what she tells me, but I gather she's having fun, loves riding the bus, and is maybe even learning something new. (It HAS only been three days.)

Friday afternoon I met with my new - uh - fellow job people. I know Serena hates "boss" - hehe. We worked out contract stuff and schedule stuff, and I got very happy and excited. We ALSO saw the new blog & website - the blog can be found at
Eventually you'll also get to see the website, but I think you'll finally get the idea - and why it was so important that I keep things on the down-low. A very sweet bit is written by Serena on her blog at regarding the birth of THE Studio. Needless to say, we're all very excited. Saturday morning we all headed out to a beautiful garden to take some pictures of ourselves for the new website & such. Tough to be the subject, I'll tell you! Though it was hot, the garden was so lovely and the kids (who were all with us) were a blast. They loved it too.

Here are a few shots of ours from the garden:

Craig took these first 2 (don't you love the turtle looking up at her?):

I snapped Mia against this interesting wall:

I really wanted Mia to stand next to this guy making the same pose, but she was way too hot and too interested in playing in the waterfall.

Today (a very wet Sunday) we shot our first two sessions as training, with Serena & her assistant in close contact and thankfully, full of advice and help and suggestions. They were fantastic about giving all the info we needed while leaving enough room to let our creativity and ideas flow. I'm confident we'll be fabulous when on our own - and I'm also thrilled to have the team we do!

Lastly, we went to OKINAPA on Friday night for our first DATE night since we got here! Kelly, our sponsor's 23-year-old math teacher trainee daughter babysat Mia as we tasted wine and ate fantastic foods. (beef wellington, oysters, cheeses, pastries, pastas, etc.) Fabulous night, hundreds of wines from all over the world, and great prices. We bought 6 bottles, two of which were this delicious Bordeaux centered in the picture:

I can't wait to enjoy it with my hubby. And we got out of there for $79 for six GREAT bottles! That Okinapa deal goes down every six months - you can be sure we'll be there again in the spring! Ok, off to watch a movie - it's STILL pouring outside.

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