Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Is Here

Ah - the wonderful month of October is upon us. Halloween is approaching, and from what I have gathered the Okinawans LOVE this holiday. Here's a shot I took the other night of a local dive shop. I love the pumpkin - but even more, I love the rainbow afro wig in the gear box! Wonder what that's for....
Today I had lunch with Casey at a local "Sushi Go Round", Ichiban Tei. SO cool. You've all been to a place like this - with sushi on boats or some sort of conveyor belt:
Each plate is color coded to represent how much it costs. Most of the menu is here:
You pile up plates, and at the end they come over with a battery operated laser gun of sorts - picture that thing you use to bleep bar codes to register for your wedding or for baby stuff - and run it over all your plates. "beep beep beep beep" and then they hand you a credit card-sized plastic thing and you bring it to the register. They put it on this plain looking box and it READS it and poof - your total pops up on the register screen! Incredible. I completely dorked out in this place (as you can see by all these pictures - Casey laughed at me pretty hard).

So another cool thing. They give you a glass of water, and a mug for tea. But - no tea. No tea pot. Hm. I ask someone, who points at the spigot on the side of the counter:
Sweet. Ok - now I have water - tea bags? Oh - those are in the drawer in the box under the chopsticks:

I know I know - laugh all you want. I think this stuff is neat. Here's another shot of an order of salmon with salmon roe:

Mmm.... Oishii!!

Lastly, I headed to Murasaki Mura Village for the second time today with my other photo buds and cohorts - Kelli & Erin. What fun, I'm definitely taking Mia there on one of her SIX AND A HALF DAYS OFF SCHOOL in November. Anyway - we brought along Lily (one of Erin's daughters), of course - the photogenic baby queen. So I leave you with these lighthearted and beautiful shots of the princess and my wonderful happy thoughts for the rockin' CLEVELAND INDIANS - who just might end the ALCS tomorrow by beating the Red Sox. GO TRIBE!

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Josh said...

Ichiban Tei is awesome! We went there during our first week in Okinawa. And we go back regularly (helps that it's walking distance from our apartment). I too was thrilled & enamored by ALL the details you mentioned. It's fun stuff!!