Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Prayers....


San Diego is on fire. Again. Almost 5 years to the day from the last huge one, and these fires are much worse. I'm thinking of you all in San Diego County - LA too! I hope you're all safe and with loved ones and that this all ends soon. It's very hard to watch it from here and not know if everyone's fine - but I have to say I'm happy we're not inhaling all that smoke again.

With these concrete buildings and the rain & humidity, I think fires will be pretty unlikely in Okinawa.

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Aine Donovan said...

Do you guys know anyone directly affected by the fires? How close or far from where you all lived?

Never seen like it - 265,000 people out of their homes!

It's pouring down rain here and will probably be all day; wish we could send it to SD!