Thursday, October 25, 2007

Visited States & Countries

Pretty cool:
States I've visited are red (no, I didn't count states where I only saw the airport, like Texas):

create your own visited states map

Pathetic few countries I've visited are here:

create your own visited countries map

Thanks, MAS - cool sites. I plan to put pins in several more Asian countries in the next few years! Thailand is first up.

In other news, things seem to be ok in San Diego for my peoples. Thanks for responding to my emails - I am thinking about each & every one of you and hope you're safe and you return home to nothing major. I hope the weather holds and that this chapter of hell comes to a close soon.

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Ayelet said...

Fun! I've also gotten hooked on, where you can record (in as much detail as you'd like) all the flights you've taken in your life. Very cool and geeky way to spend a lunch break.

I hope there's continued good news from your friends in the San Diego area. Mine are all safe, luckily.