Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Way Home From Soccer

(Mia whining in the back seat, lots of "ow ow ow".)

Craig asks, "Mia, what's going on?"
"I tripped on the field."
"Well, that happens a lot, you're gonna trip on the field."
"It hurts."
"Well, it's ok, it's good to trip now and then, ya get right back up."

(DRIPPING with sarcasm - I don't know that you can imagine enough of it as you read this.) "Oh, so it's GOOD that I fall. Your HAPPY that I trip and fall. That's a GOOD thing, huh? That I get hurt, that's GREAT."

Craig and I stifled hysterical laughter - but I think I let out a snort.

I think the sarcasm we use has rubbed off. And I think the sense of humor of our 6-year-old has surpassed a whole lot of our friends'.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

Sarcasm is an important self-defense component...and it helps you absorb Vitamns E and D.

Sarcasm 101 Lesson (copy/paste below):

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Hi Aviva,

I have to admit my sarcasm post on my blog (see link above), was inspired by your anecdote here.

My previous "I Miss My Cat" post, however, came to me when I saw some kittens scampering around the bushes where I work. The building manager doesn't allow anyone to feed or approach them. Big penalty! They get trapped by animal control.

So, I guess that means 50% coincidence and 50% "I lacked original thought" the other day.

I got a few YouTube email requests to demonstrate samurai sword repair, so I finally got something original to sink my teeth in to. Yea!!!