Friday, March 14, 2008

What's Left In This World If We Can't Embarass Our Children?

Tonight we went upstairs to the restaurant on the top floor for a going away party for our neighbors (with young Aubrey with the gorgeous eyes) who PCS tomorrow back to the states. Tons of kids there - mostly 2-3 years old - and Mia, the big kid. It's the end of the night, and she comes up to me dancing -

"I have to go pee!"
Ok.. I walk her over and point out the ladies room.

I come back into the room full of parents (probably 5 sets of parents) with little ones who barely ever even make it to the potty on time and proudly announce, "THAT is the bonus of a six-year-old! THERE'S the bathroom - be sure to wash your hands, and I'll see you when you come back - SO nice!"

All of a sudden they're all pointing out the window (the bathroom is separate from the restaurant, and you can see the doors from where we were). She didn't shut the door and was sittin' on the pot in front of God and everyone taking a piss. Yep - that's the beauty of a 6-year-old with NO shame and NO ability to close the friggin' DOOR! Too bad it was night time and I would've gotten a reflection from the flash if I'd tried to take a picture of it - by the time I ran outside, she was done. So this is the shot I DID get.

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