Thursday, March 13, 2008

She's Reading

After a lot of frustration and general malaise, Mia has begun to read. Much in the same way she's done everything - all at once. One day she was whining that she didn't WANT to try and squirming and complaining (not that she still doesn't do that when the reading isn't HER choice, it's ours...) and the next she's reading a book to her father. A first grade level book. And staying true to Craig Bowman's bribery ways, he promised her an iPod when she read him a book of his choosing (this way we knew she wouldn't memorize it).

Last week, it happened. Oh boy howdy did it happen. That kid tore through a book like a champ. The reward was hot pink - and immediately synced up with:

Music: The soundtrack of the movie Once, Amy Winehouse, Peter and the Wolf, the Nutcracker, the Fratellis, a couple of Beatles albums, and some kid music.

Videos: A couple of videos made with her dad on our iMac before he deployed, a Jetsons episode (seen in the pictures below - you'd think we never let her watch cartoons on our 55" tv!), a Flintstones episode, and a couple of other music videos to include Feist's "1,2,3,4".

Also a couple of audio books and photos.

She's one lucky kid... and she loves her new iPod.

More local news (as in, not pictures taken on our living room couch) in the very near future.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

She's so lucky. Now she's got something to watch while munching on Pocky Sticks!

Edith said...

iz cun reed n rite 2

MLH said...

After your rave review (and Matt and Katie's) of "Once" we went and rented it at the shoppette. What an amazing flick! We immediately downloaded the entire album off of itunes as well as some of his stuff with his band--it's a nice change from some of the more current music out there. Thanks for the review! Your little girl is so cute--and sassy ... I love sassy!