Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Isaac & Rachel Sitting In A Tree

Like I said - STILL working on Ohio pictures (I took a LOT - and there are a lot of family members, and a lot of GOOD ones!). Allow me to share.

This is Isaac (one of Craig's first cousins) and Rachel, his lovely wife. (Doesn't she TOTALLY have a Kiera Knightley thing going on? She totally does.) They're so sweet, and they have never had any portraits or anything done - and Rachel requested I take a few photos and I happily obliged. This little pose? This was Rachel's doing. I love the look on her face when Isaac is kissing her cheek! That's why they call it "cheeky".

And THIS is Violet. Their daughter. Who was almost exactly one year old in this picture. With her eight teeth. What a smile, huh?
More of those - with aunts & uncles & such - SOON. I PROMISE, Rachel & Carol and everyone. Almost done.

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