Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Night Randomness

So glad we have TiVo. We're having a Kentucky Derby Sunday Brunch Party with Mint Juleps! Derby starts at 5am, but I can fix that! AND fast forward commercials. Yay!

Ok, Ernie - what is this drink? It's soda - I realize - but why the marble in the pinched top? (That thing that's covered in bubbles at the lower part of the neck of the bottle.) Fascinating packaging.
Sign from outside Magnolia, Ohio. Just found it in photos I forgot to post.

Sea wall jacks. I know some of you are familiar with this particular warning....

STILL editing photos, mostly for personal friends. A recent baby shower (I'll post a couple for you here - but hopefully with BABY pictures too! Very exciting stuff.), a birthday party (Sena of the Jew porn - her daughter - so you KNOW there was some kinda amazing cake!) and still Ohio pictures. Yes. Still.

Hope this will tide you over for a few. Still having fun taking and editing pictures, and planning for future picture taking! And other things.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

OK Aviva...Nice try. It looks like you have Sangria flavored Ramune soda. The marble is there to keep the carbonation from leaking out. Without refrigeration, in tropical climates, some soda bottles can go "poof." The "Codd-Neck" design (Named after its inventor, Hiram Codd), solves this problem. Opening Ramune soda can be tricky because there's a special tool needed to release excess pressure and first-timers to Ramune have been known to bathe themselves with it rather than drink it. [Wikipedia RULES!]...and being able to read some Japanese helps.

Lewellen Family said...

Where did you find this soda? We had it once served with a Bento lunch, but have never seen it again?? The kids had such fun popping the marble down. The Source had a write up about it last year around October that told the history of it.