Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kitone Festival At Murasaki Mura

Good afternoon! I've been out & about a lot this week - it was a holiday week here in Japan. I like how they do this here - they don't have many holidays, but when they do - they sure party.

This week is "Golden Week" in Japan. Probably only behind Eisa/Obon and New Year's here in Okinawa's holiday hugeness scale.

During Golden week, which is made up of several different celebrations, there is sort of an Earth Day type thing called "Nature Day" or "Greenery Day". I think this might be what this festival (Kitone Ichi) closely relates to because there were lots of handmade natural cotton things there, organic foods & drinks, and friendly "hippie" culture types all around. Those who know me realize I was REALLY at home here. Friendly vibe, awesome sangria, and a gorgeous day outside (of SHOPPING - hello) made for one heck of a lot of fun. Some of the sights of the day:
(anyone know what kind of flower this is?)
handmade truffles.
hi, peeing shiisa

happy lady selling handmade dolls
love these!

ICEE TIME! Sebastian, Eli & Henry (L to R) enjoyed some colorful icee drinks. Too fun to resist lots of pictures.More from my next trip to Murasaki Mura with Kassia in the next post. And some killer sunset shots and maybe some stuff from Children's Day on the Hija River.


H said...

I think the flower might be a protea.

H said...

I think the flower's a protea.

E said...

This looks like a wonderful festival.. and it looks like you had a great time.. no idea on the flower but its so cool, and I love the pink plant too.

Ernie Santa Ana said...

I bet those icee's didn't last long. If the kids could wuff'em fast enough, they melted in front of their eyes. I barley got through an ice cream cone the last time I was there.