Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Doody.

I'm not really sure how it started, but my father is Doody to me. I was at least a teenager when that became the norm. Of course - I was Stinky after that. What a nice family. And of course, when I had a kid - his name became Granddoody. I've read that terms of endearment are good things for kids - I hope they're good things for fathers because I always mean "Doody" with the utmost respect and admiration.

The term "Daddy's Girl" is thrown around quite a bit in our family. In fact - after I gave birth to one and she started growing up to be beautiful and smart and funny and her father was deployed 3 times - I got sad. I know she's going to get to the point where I'm not her favorite person and Daddy can do no wrong. She is his biggest fan that's for sure. So happy slightly belated Father's Day to my hubby too, you're a fantastic father, honey bun.

As for my father - well, he's strong and funny and loving and supportive and always the life of the party. (I do get that from him.) He (acutally, my Mom too) has the most contagious infectious laugh and I LOVE making him do it! He was born and raised in THE City (NYC) and truly loves it and knows it like the back of his hand. He enjoys a good dirty joke, a vodka gimlet now and then, he knows how to spend money to have fun (you deserve it!), plays one mean game of golf, is always up for an incredible meal, if it's dessert - make it TART, and even though he chose to be a Nikon shooter, I'll still keep him! I'm so happy we share photography talk now among so many other loves.

I value your opinion and your praise, Doody - I remember that whenever I felt the worst was when I disappointed you. Thank you for everything, and each year on both Mother's Day and Father's day - and every day - I do know how precious you both are and how hard I work and hope to live up to the amazing parenting examples you have set. Thank you, Doody, and enjoy your day!


Ernie Santa Ana said...

Wow! Your dad sounds like a real cool guy. If I ever had a chance to meet him, I guess that would be for me "Howdy Doody Time!" HA! I slay myself. I'm here all week...

E said...

what a great post.. and I love the way you speak of your dad

judith.fried said...

My bro' (your dad) is indeed a cool dood. Miss you!