Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playing In The Rain

I had so much fun on Thursday. It was Mia's last day of school, and we had plans to go to a Erin's house to take a few pictures of her & her daughters. She's pregnant with #3 - and THIS time it's a boy! I had to post this picture. It's one of my favorites of the day; Erin's older daughter thought of this sign they had upstairs. How perfectly appropriate.

So anyway - of course Mia was with me, and I know she was jealous of the girls having their pictures taken. (although if we go out she's completely over it - ONLY when I'm taking other people's photos does she get jealous)

It started to storm outside, and I love playing in the rain on a warm day. (Something we didn't really get to do in San Diego.)

And I guess I got to show off her cute new layered bob - EVEN shorter this time for the hot sticky summer. Anyway... more soon. I'm hoping to hear from friends of ours that are leaving for Hawaii, I'd love to get to see them one more time. The amount of moving trucks around here is getting downright depressing.


Edith said...

That picture is too cute for words! I love Mia's new haircut and the umbrella.

Katherine said...

No boys allowed? Oh, I love it! She's letting her little brother know who's boss and he's not even out of the womb yet. Not a fighting chance!