Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unbelievable Coincidence

I have blogged about this tiny tiny island and how everyone seems to know each other. So much so that we end up spending holidays with folks we meet randomly at lunch several weeks prior.

But the coincidence thing is just getting out of hand. Ever mention something totally random and weird, like say - fried Twinkies - and then it comes up in a couple of other ways? That happens to Craig & I on a very VERY regular basis. I could cite examples, but this most recent one takes the freaking cake.

This past Sunday afternoon, as we were driving, we saw cars stopped in the middle of a road on base. As it turns out, there was a kitten out there and they were trying to grab him to get him out of the busy street. (I DO hope he made it out ok) It made me recall and tell a story about saving a turtle. I was in Maryland in the mid-90's and was driving probably to my friend Julie's house in Gaithersburg, and I saw a turtle in the middle of a rural road. He (or she) was going so slowly, I figured some speeding maniac would hit the little guy. So I pulled to the side and lifted him up and placed him in the grass on the side of the road. Small victory for an animal lover.

This morning as I was about to wake Mia for her 3rd-to-last day of school, my cell phone rang. It was Craig. And he states with a smile in his voice that he just got back into the car on route 26 after moving a turtle he saw in the middle of the road. We laughed a bit and then I had to go get the kid up. (I also referred to the ongoing joke of, "we should buy a lottery ticket".)

Funny coincidence - but not done yet. Hold on to your shorts, people.

I dropped off Mia at the bus stop, and returned home to read up on my Google Reader (it is how I keep up with the photography blogs, mommy blogs, and friend blogs - it just lists them and puts up the new posts), and I came to Elizabeth's blog. E, a fabulous photog from gorgeous upstate NY, found me through another photographer's blog I follow, super duper Marine wife and talented photog Deb Schwedhelm's. (You put your link in the comments, and voila - you've found someone else to blurk. blog+lurk=blurk.) I digress.

Today's post had some beautiful family photos and scenery around the area, and almost as an aside, ended with this:

It's just totally random weird life kinda stuff, but I mean really - WHO is trying to tell me WHAT about flippin' TURTLE SAVING!?


Howes Family Adventures said...

That is funny. The sunday before we left the states we saved a turtle from the middle of the road too.
I knew I liked you with your curly hair and turtle saving tendencies.

Rachel said...

Blurk....I like it!
I think this world is so much more connected than we realize.

Ernie Santa Ana said...

On Blogger, I blurk. On YouTube, I...vlurk?