Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Typhoon!

MAN-YI is headed our way. Guess I don't get hurricane-type names out here, it'll be different. Of course it's headed here for the weekend - Craig's birthday and days where he wouldn't miss work. Oh well. we'll be stuck in the house probably for at least a day, maybe 2 if it hits as hard as they say. If our gas & power remain intact we can make cookies. The hard rain & wind is supposed to start Thursday night/Friday morning.

Craig's headed to the store today to get supplies (water, non-perishables, etc.) and apparently these things (much like hurricanes in the US) often don't hit as hard as predicted, but better safe than sorry. I'm kind of excited. Heaven knows this concrete building and our typhoon doors over the sliding glass door are built to handle it. Pictures to come!

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