Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Food, etc.

I bought some sliced fish (sashimi) at the local market yesterday - about 15 pieces each of salmon & tuna. As sweet and delicious as any you've ever had. How much? $4.15. (498 yen) I'm going to be insanely happy here....

So where they get you, when you go out to eat, is on the sodas! About $4.50 to $5 for a soda, and they're not refillable, so enjoy that little cup! The heck with that, I'll get a $2.50 beer instead! Or water... done.

Here's a picture of some cute sweet buns at Jusco's bakery (some pretty good lookin' bread over there!)
And Craig, Mia & I were fascinated at these treats at one of the kiosks there. Aren't these just beautiful? Japanese are big on gift-giving - any kind of occasion, they love presents (who doesn't?) - we figure something like this would be nice to bring to someone's house if you've been invited for dinner or something.

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