Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Still Here!

Well, we survived Typhoon Man-Yi. We lost power from about 1pm until after 7pm. Along with almost 93,000 other homes on the island (about 1/6th of Okinawa). 27 were injured, mostly because they were outside and got knocked to the ground by the 100mph gusts. The wind howled on through late last night, but despite the air conditioners in both Mia's bedroom and ours being on the fritz now (yeah, great) we slept like proverbial babes after the fitful and loud night before.

Video of the wind, rain, waves & some dude across the street from us trying to secure something on his balcony can be seen here, here, and here.

Here's Craig on the balcony during our only lull in hard winds & rain (so it was just really windy and somewhat rainy - the eye never passed over us, it remained off-shore) taking pictures of the waves.

Our typhoon doors were shut on our double sliding doors in the living room. This definitely was a good thing.

The view to the east as the wind & rain pounded our window. The bars are on the east-facing windows to prevent flying debris from breaking them. Again, definitely a good thing.

One of the wave pictures Craig snapped; the white water was rushing almost completely horizontally - northward on the west coast. I'd never seen anything like it.

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ukreal1 said...

man, that is crazy...the houses opposite look like they could be in London! But I have never been in wind like that!!!