Monday, July 9, 2007

Seen Around Town

Today I was driving toward base to get a couple of things, and saw a sign by orange cones & a closed lane: "MEN WROKING A HEAD"
I laugh at that sort of thing, but I shudder to think what Americans would do if we had Japanese people occupying Hawaii, for instance, and had to make Japanese signage for them. I would definitely make the wrong kind of character - for all I know there's only a one-line difference between the character for "good morning" and "f-you".

Anyway, more pictures. Below you see the view of the ocean as you look to the left outside of Transit Cafe, a fantastic little restaurant for lunch & dinner that's about 2 blocks from our place.

Here is the view if you look to the right - and past that table of 8 people, there's an outside bar, very sweet.
Here is a little drinkie I tried - Strawberry Dream or something like that. Red wine with strawberries and something else - kind of a frozen sangria with whipped cream on it. Excellent on a hot afternoon.

My food - some kind of beef (tender, like pot roast) with mushrooms and one of the best tasting sauces I've ever had. A scrambled egg rests on top of a ball of perfectly cooked & seasoned rice. I licked the plate. Definitely the best meal I've had so far here. (Not that we've eaten at a ton of places yet.)
Here's the inside bar, picture taken from where we were sitting. There are about 12 seats inside, 12 seats outside, so this place usually garners a wait. Worth it - I think. They were playing a Brazilian band CD of all Eagles covers when we were there. And there's some local jewelry for sale over where the person in this picture is standing. Yes - you DO see Maker's Mark on that shelf - this is a good place for Aviva. And we also had a dessert here; coconut milk & vanilla ice cream with rice balls and fresh mango, raspberries, strawberries and rum. We ate that before we got a chance to take a picture of it.

Saw this on the way out yesterday (Sunday) - Persian restaurant. Hm, could be interesting. Down the road from us there's a new Turkish place right next door to Coffee Casa, and 1/2 a block from that a new sushi joint is opening up!

The bar at Hokulea, the restaurant upstairs from our apartment. Apparently bands play there sometimes too.

Mia with Hachi - one of the waitresses upstairs, who speaks excellent English. She's great with all the kids here apparently, and teaches us mnemonic devices for Japanese expressions. Today we learned "Don't touch my moustache" for "you're welcome" - in reality it's like danitachamastashta or something.....classic.

So firearms are illegal here. Only the military has them, and they're issued. What they do sell (and you should never ever buy because as you can see it's impossible to discern them from the real thing) are air guns. Below is a picture I took at Jusco of the air gun counter.

I had thought they were REAL guns - and if you stand, as I did, feet planted looking at the guns on your right - this is what's on your left. THE TOY SECTION. Is anyone else thinking this is crazy??

Ok, gotta shower. We went swimming today at the Camp Foster pool. Has a cool water slide, but apparently Torii has the best one. More on that soon - we need goggles first for that chlorinated hell. Mia looks like she's wasted after an hour in the pool.

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