Friday, August 24, 2007

A Big Fat Reason I'm Happy We Live Off Base

I'm playing Zelda on the wii tonight (yes, I know - ok, I gave him a hard time - I play the stupid wii too... it's FUN, ok!? Now shut up - and if you tell Craig I said that, I'll deny it until he reads this post) and Mia's watching me. Craig had to go in to his office (across the island about 20 minutes away when it isn't rush hour) and wasn't here. Of course. Suddenly I'm hearing drum beats - but it's not from the video game. I pause it, and open our sliding doors. DRUMS! SINGING!

"Mia!! Come on! Put on your shoes, let's GO!"
"What? Why..."

We run down the street - It's so amazing - a big parade of Eisa dancers!

The good news: I have video, I just need to cut down the size a bit so it can be posted. They proceeded from a purple apartment building at the end of our block (drummers pictured here):
To right in front of our building (this is the front entrance to the hotel that is our home - we're on the 4th floor - here are the dancers):
And then down the block (this little cutie had whiskers painted on):
The bad news: Besides the fact that Craig missed the whole thing, as you can see - I left the SLR in the apartment and ran outside only with the small Canon to take video mostly - the pictures are pretty awful. But hey, I got AUDIO and VIDEO, people! Be patient, it's almost midnight now when I'm posting this, so I'll do it tomorrow. I wouldn't live on base if they paid me! What a great night.

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