Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

You've been so patient. We've been so busy organizing. Well, it's almost finished, so I thought that after we cleaned extra hard and organized extra hard for guests, a few pictures of the place would be in order.

Here's the right side of the kitchen (counter faces the dining room) - the cabinets are so high I have to use a stepstool to reach them, and we bought that kitchen cart on the end to make more pantry & counter space. That picture on the wall is one of only 3 pictures I was able to hang before I threw in the towel:
And the left (behind the fridge is the washer/dryer) - you can see how tight the counter space is! The obligatory espresso machine, rice cooker, microwave, and banana...haha.:
Living/dining room areas (borrowed dining room table & chairs, new folding chairs we bought, and area rug now in tact):

Mia's delightful room!

From the other angle (2 of the 3 pictures is in there as you can see):

The front entrance - our shoe rack which is perfect for Japan as everyone removes their shoes upon entering homes. On top of the rack you'll notice our Shiisaa and the hammer drill we borrowed from self help that we're returning because it just caused me to curse a lot:

Master bedroom:

From the other side:

Here's a picture of Rich & Craig boxing on the Wii while the kids observed in hysterics:Saw this little guy (about 1 1/2 or 2" long) behind our entertainment center. Hope he got out ok....

Here is me! Yes, I can be in front of the camera too - looking at the extensive menu at Kitakaisen, a great new place we hit on Saturday night:
And Mia - literally shoving the rest of the mouthful of yakisoba in. Who'd have predicted that?Ok, off to hopefully exchange the faulty part of our satellite TV setup - darn thing hasn't worked well since we got it. Now we have NOTHING - and with sports on the way, that's unacceptable. Still to come - pictures of Mia's haircut this afternoon at 3!


Edith said...

Aviva, you read my mind, I totally wanted to see pictures of your place off base! I think it's wonderful and so...let me think...ME!..I was curious though as to what you said about the beds..did you bring yours over? And when you say borrowed, do you mean for the entire time you're there? Just curious as to what new peices of furniture I'm going to get to purchase. Personally, I'm an Ikea junkie and my bed now is a Japansese inspiration my son can lunge himsel off of (it's only 1ft off the ground). Sounds like that weight limit is about to get pushed! We must play Wii!! Cooking Mama Cook-off!

aprizant said...

Hey doll... it's wonderful to see photos of your fabulous home and be able to get a better picture of your life there. I've so enjoyed the photos you've been posting! The ones under "Some Photos" are absolutely gorgeous--my favorite is the B&W one of Mia. Beautiful. Oh, and her new haircut is adorable. I'm so glad things are going well for you there and I tune in eagerly each day for more updates.

Much love from SF,