Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Reason I Do This

If I can help but one military family before they move here, it's a great thing. Did you see Edith's comment?:

"Aviva, hello I just wanted to let you know what a wave of relief it is to know there are bloggers in Japan such as you and Okinawa Hai. I look forward to reading your blog and going to the places you've been to. I hope your second shoot works out and you get the job!"

Edith, you rock! Thank you so much. And I truly hope you have a smooth & easy move. (She's moving to Japan from Norfolk, VA.) And in case you haven't read that post - walls here are concrete, do not bring too many things you have to hang on the walls. And bring lots of storage bins and any shelving units or drawers you have, and your computer desk.

Also, I visited Edith's blog, and she mentioned this site: I'm on the hunt for my perfect picture, but if you make one of yourself send it on over. How fun!

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