Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's All Good

The critique was so great last night, I'm truly giddy. I think I was so giddy last night that I probably talked their ears off - I left the house and I'd predict they looked at each other and said, "Whew! Well that was exhausting." It's happiness and excitement - and it's up to level 11 at this moment, so it's hard to turn it's all so FUN. Such an amazing experience, and as I had mentioned before, I'm honored and happy to even be considered by an established artist.

My shots came out well (it was very satisfying to get to see them all, and there were a lot of really precious ones in there), and the criticisms were all things I truly knew were coming. Nothing came as a surprise, except the amount of positive feedback. (You're always your own worst critic, right?) I mean while I was there, I cringed at some shots with orange construction cones in the background - but with 15 minutes I knew I couldn't run fast enough, I'd lose the moment. Next time, I won't even set myself up for that fall. I was especially happy because it was Shelia's family that I shot - and that's Serena Nicole's right-hand girl. She knows better than anyone what works and what doesn't, so it could have made or broken me.

My friends and family know I have no confidence issues, I'm proud of the things I do and I know when I do well. (Thanks for that, Mom & Dad!) But because I went into it all not knowing, and not having the real experience in that field, it added this "doubt" factor - kind of like after a regular job interview when they give you no indication of whether you're right for it or not.

So - I'm more excited than ever for Sunday's shoot, wherever it may be. I want to use every bit of advice & critiquing to take it to the next level. And really, "criticism" isn't even the right word - I was a design/art major in college, and when they put your piece on the wall in front of the class and everyone has at it - wow, you really develop a thick skin. I definitely felt the positivity in the room last night, and it was a wonderful thing. An environment that is positive and fun while being professional. Sounds like my job at the credit union, really. And that is high praise.

Anyway, here's a hilarious shot of Mia jumping into her dad's arms off the sea wall - something I think both she & her father would do over and over again forever.
Lastly, a very VERY excited YAAAAAY! Jake (my Army Offcer brother-in-law) is now back in Baghdad awaiting a trip home to his wife after (groan) 15 months away from her. In a few more weeks they'll be reunited, and Craig, Mia and I - not to mention the rest of our family - are so excited and happy that they'll be together again soon to enjoy the amazing city of Seattle together at last! Safe travels, Jake. We miss you and we can't wait to hug you too!

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aprizant said...

I'm thrilled to read the great news about Jake! You made my day (with that and the adorable photo of Mia jumping into Craig's arms--his expression is priceless!).

Much love,