Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Few Photos

I did a little recon mission to the park Saturday morning (where I was going to shoot the family on Sunday). As it ends up, I'm thrilled that I did because the park is ENORMOUS and I couldn't find the spot that Shelia described on the phone the day before. Thankfully, she answered her cell and straightened me out, therefore I was confident I could get back there on Sunday. So at about 10am I shot a bunch of pictures, including these of what I am guessing to be a resident kitty:

Those little shrines along the background are everywhere in the park. I assume they pay respects to local ancestors there, but don't really know.

So after arriving back home (also having seen a high-end audio store that Craig will drool for - I brought home some Marantz, Accuphase, and Esoteric brochures with those "if you have to ask how much you can't afford to go into the store" looking things) and describing the stuff at this amazing park, Craig figured we should all go. Mia was excited for the play structure I saw, and we all were going to feed ducks & fish, etc.

Well, once again, mother nature thought differently - we got out of the car and the first thing I noticed was purple-black sky over blue-green water. Nice looking but threatening. We played at the park for a while before it came - and I told Craig to put away the camera, we'd be soaked. Boy was I right - we ran to an awning nearby to "wait it out" - something you might be able to do in Miami, but definitely NOT here. Finally after killing time for 15 minutes we decided to make a break for it. The last couple of pictures in this latest album are of our hysterically laughing soaking wet kid.

The photos from before and during the rain can be seen here.


danala said...

love the face!

ukreal1 said...

I think she would get along with my daughter, she has the same animated expression!