Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It'll Never Get Old

I peeked outside when I caught a glimpse of the light at sunset this evening through our kitchen window. We'd had an early dinner, so I grabbed the 17-55 lens and ran downstairs and out to the sea wall.

If I could only decorate my walls here.... sigh.... the prints would be everywhere!

It had been raining throughout the late afternoon. It cleared just at sunset time, but there was another storm to the north of us on its way down. Lightning flashed on the purple-black part of the sky and it faded into the sunset hues on the clearer part. But the clear part was still host to some storm clouds leftover. The weather can make for some very cool lighting out there. Hope you enjoy these. Nothing can convey the beauty of light, but these are pretty close to what I saw tonight. They're all pretty good size pictures here, if you want to click on them to check them out closer. A few are grainy due to low light, but I still think they're pretty good.

This one was looking toward the south. Those towers toward the middle right are by Camp Kinser. I rested the camera close to the sea wall in the foreground, but not on it - it was really wet.

This one pointed directly toward the setting sun. You can see the rain falling in the distance from one of the clouds, and the breaks between them too.

This is looking back at our street from the sea wall. Almost looks like a different night with all that blue sky. It wasn't really that dark right over us, otherwise I wouldn't have risked the camera being out in the rain. You can see the reflection of the sunset on the windows on the left. Our building is the beach one behind it.

And this really shows the storm heading down. The sun had gone down a little more by the time I shot this, but that storm was brewing and there was lightning and thunder coming from it - so I didn't stay out much longer.

And I shot this from the street behind the sea wall, just looking up. I couldn't get enough of the colors and the clouds!
On the way back, I shot this at the vending machine by the dive shop next door. I like this picture.


aprizant said...

One word: WOW! Simply gorgeous.

John, Amanda, & Cayce said...

I LOVE these sunset pics. I couldn't help but put link to them on my blog for my family to see. I hope that's ok, if not let me know, I'll remove it: http://cajnielsen.blogspot.com/