Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life Is Good

Hot and humid (nothing new)... but really good.

I got great news today - I will be shooting for Serena Nicole! I'm so excited for the beginning of something new, educational, fun, and downright addicting! I cannot wait.

So it's only 6 hours a week, nothing overwhelming, and we'll see where it goes! We're definitely celebrating and very very happy. I think this is all just a wonderful turn of events - and am still in utter disbelief! They LIKE me! They really like me! I feel like a kid who just got a new toy she really wanted. Very fun. And everyone I've met in the process is just so nice and I just know I'll be happy there.

A few celebratory shots with the fam today were in order - even a very rare picture of myself - especially considering the sweat factor - ick. I love that one of Mia & Craig on the bench. Not sure why - it's interesting I guess. And I swear I think that one of Craig & Mia on the grass looks like a stock photo! Haha!

Thank you ALL for support, criticisms, compliments, kudos - EVERYTHING! I feel like this was just all really meant to be.


aprizant said...

Fabulous, fabulous news! I hope you have a great time with it and be sure to update us on your new works of art!

isamara said...

That is amazing! Congratulations!!