Sunday, August 26, 2007


I think it went great today - what an incredibly lovely family I got to shoot. Their daughter, almost 3, was gorgeous and incredibly smart and friendly. Definitely loved shooting the whole family, they were such fun - and the sun wasn't on top of us, so we didn't have as much heat going on as we could've (though I still was sweating like it was going out of style).

And now we wait again - I should hear by the end of the week! Thanks, all the well-wishers and wonderful people - those I know and those I don't - for the support and compliments. I just thrive on hearing all of it! I'm still of the opinion that job or no job, this experience has been fantastic - I'm so lucky to have found something I enjoy doing so much and I do plan to continue no matter what!

We're going to hit the Futenma Flight Line Fair today, I hope to pig out at dinner on awesome food. Pictures to come....

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