Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Day, a Lot More Done

Let's see here...we've signed up Mia & I for local health care (on the base closest to our home at the Naval Hospital). We then filled out everything necessary for "G.I. Bill Pay" - yeah, sounds like we're using a school loan to pay our bills, not the case. It's just the bill payment company - they'll divvy out your rent & utilities payments via automatic bill pay on paydays. Pretty sweet.

While in the hospital parking lot we saw a silver 1998 Nissan Cube for sale, and called the cell phone number on the for sale sign. It was owned by a Navy Doctor (who's leaving to to San Diego and work at Balboa Naval - again) and we decided it was in great shape, she was asking a fair price - and so we gave her a deposit and decided to buy it. So she should call tonight or tomorrow morning and I'll have a car!

We arranged for our express shipment stuff to come to our place on Monday, which is pretty fast - we're happy about that. And then we went up to Camp Courtney to talk to the housing office. We got our paperwork done, arranged for temporary furniture (until our stuff arrives, close to July 30th) which will arrive on Tuesday 7/3. Cool - only one night on an aerobed! Traci, the woman who helped us at the housing office, is super nice. She also gave me a bunch of web links to look for a job this fall when Mia goes to school.

So tomorrow we head back to finalize bill payment and hopefully find out that we'll get a good Internet connection. Then at 3pm we're going to see "Surf's Up" I hope - as a big treat to Mia for being such a good kid while we've put her through all this completely unfun-for-a-kid stuff.

Now it's off to dinner in a few minutes. It was a little cooler outside today too, which was nice. And apparently the A/C vent in our room was SHUT so when we mentioned it to the front desk and they came and opened it we realized (10 days later) that we're going to sleep much more comfortably tonight. Ahhhh.....

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aprizant said...

Fabulous news about your new home and everything else! It sounds like things are slowly falling into place for you. I'm excited to hear more!

Much love from the States...