Thursday, June 28, 2007

My New Cube!

What should her name be? She's a 1998 Nissan Cube - and I already love her. She's boxy, yes- but that's really popular here. (Cubes were sort of the predecessor of the Scion & such.)
Here's Mia standing by the car in the hospital parking lot. We bought it from a Navy pathologist, Dr. Kim. She was in the Navy for over 20 years, and is headed back to the US this summer - to work at Balboa Naval (for the 2nd time). She's Korean, and one of the nicest women you'd ever want to meet. Before we were done, she gave me a breakdown of everything in the car, everything on that base (including where the post office, swimming pool, and best yoga classes were), and even where the best Korean BBQ in town was! (a walk from our apartment) What a great woman, I'm happy to have bought our car from her.

Ok, off to lunch, then we should hopefully buy tickets for Surf's Up, then we'll go into town to set up Internet & bill pay.


Taryn said...

Miss you guys, love you guys. I love the cube, kinda like a Scion. Give Mia a hug for me. Gavyn is saving for his PS3, and for motorstorm, he has $70.00, tell Craig. Lost his first tooth too. I am loving the page and can't wait to look each day.


MAS said...

Car name? How about Q*BERT?

Stuart said...

What's great about that car is you don't have to park it, just put it in your pocket. Sweet ride, put some spinnaz on it.