Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photos Of The New Bowman Home

I sent a Kodak Gallery album link to pretty much everyone in my address book; let me know if you didn't get it and you want to see the new place. We're really excited to move in - and to be out of hotel living.

SO much is constantly going on here - it's amazing. We will certainly never be bored - it's starting to feel like we won't be able to do everything we want to in the next 3 years!

Craig was kind enough to pay for my scuba certification classes - so that starts on 7/22. I'm super excited to be certified (or certifiable...) and get to go do dives. The classes are at night, so Craig can watch Mia - 6 classes. 2 classroom sessions, 2 pool dives and then 2 open water dives. Mia wanted to do it too - but she has to be 8 years old. So - before we leave, she'll be able to take diving classes too.

Now we have to spend a ton more money on a laundry list of items to include:
Curtains for the new place
A computer desk & chair (the gov't furniture is BEYOND heinous - we won't use their crap for this)
Pots, pans & dishes
An iron
Car stereos & speakers (neither car has a good system, it's what we have to spend on for the cars)
A coffee table
Area rugs (note all the wood & tile floors in the pictures - it really echoes in there)
And some kind of shelving b/c the walls are concrete.

Rather disappointed that we took so many "home touches" like art & framed photos & posters, and we have NO way of hanging them in concrete walls. Anyone who has suggestions, we'd love to hear them....

I hope to attend the jazz & wine festival tonight at Torii Beach - hopefully some pictures later.

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Aine Donovan said...

Hi hon -
There are special screws for using with concrete walls - can't you use those?

Very excited to hear you'll be getting certified fr scuba diving. And boy has Mia come a long way - a regular little mermaid now, isn't she?

Am really enjoying the blog!

Love to you all -