Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, I was hunting for a digital photography class, and found one through Serena Nicole (fabulous website can be viewed here). It doesn't start until January, but she's a local American artsy photographer, and I'd love to learn more about my camera.

I mentioned to my neighbor Leighanne that I was signing up for the class (she knows I'm a bit of a hobby photographer) and she said she was pretty sure she's interviewing for a photographer & an assistant. Hm... what do I have to lose?

Due to having to email her about the class times/location/payment, I'd been emailing a bit with Serena Nicole, and so I figured I'd ask about the job openings if there were any. Well, there are - and she sent me a site to apply. I filled out the online form (pretty much basic stuff like what experience I had and why I felt I should be considered for the job). Not even 2 hours later, the phone rang and it was Shelia, Serena Nicole's assistant. SO sweet, she went on to tell me they're having a "shoot-off" for all the applicants, and can I come to Araha Beach (the Pirate Ship beach I mentioned in a previous post) with my camera at 7pm on Thursday to take pictures of a family. Um, um, um - yeah, sure! Ok...

Here's the email Shelia sent me after I spoke with her:

Hello Everyone,

Here is the information as promised!

Who: All of you who want to tryout for a chance to be on the SNS team of PHOTOGRAPHERS – how exciting!

What: Photography Shoot-off to show your ability to shoot and adapt to a particular style.

Where: Shipwrecked Park (Araha Beach)

When: You already have the times!

Why: Well that one is just plain silly.

The Job:

So here is the skinny. I am not looking for you to shoot like me. That is not what ‘vision’ I have for the new studio. I want it to be hip, young, and modern. What do I mean by that? I have attached pictures that encompass the style that I am after. They are copyrighted to other photographers so please be respectful of their rights – but I wanted you to be able to visualize what I am after.

If you choose to take this position you will be asked to work roughly 6 SESSION hours a week. We will work with you to get the best schedule as possible for your needs keeping in mind hours that are needed to keep clients happy too.

This position will be for photography only. No editing will be required. At the end of the session you will hand off your cf card to your assistant and will be hands off from that point on! So no HOMEWORK!! I have an editor that I have hired to do all editing for us!

You will be provided an assistant to help you with whatever you need on the shoot. More training on that once hired.

Thursday’s shoot-off:

You will be given a cf card to capture your images by Shelia. Please return this cf card to Shelia at the end of your 15 minutes. All DSLR camera’s use cf cards to capture images please let us know if you have any issue with using a cf card.

You may be a part of the shoot-off with a point and shoot camera – but will be expected to OWN and use a DSLR camera proficiently once/before hired. There will also be specific lenses required as well. (50 mm 1.8 AND 85mm. 1.8 – inexpensive and amazing!!)

(she attached pictures, but they're copyrighted so I've removed them)

ACK! Nervous, but very excited, thank you SO much, Craig for taking me out at 7pm last night to play with the camera a bit.
I'll be practicing all week - and I'll also hit the park to take some pictures and re-examine the setting before I go. I'm confident, however I'm also nervous because it's one shot to show what I got! So everyone reading this, think good photo juju for Thursday.

I threw together a portfolio (thanks to having such wonderful friends & families to shoot in San Diego & Ohio!!) here:

And Serena Nicole's response was (when I sent her the pictures and also asked how many people are "shooting off"):
"I am loving your pics and your personality! Cant wait until Thursday pm.

We have several trying, now I cant spoil all the fun!!

You will be the only one shooting at your time!

Hope that helps :)

Hugs and thanks for the pics - they are darling.


Gulp. Well, it'll be a great experience, and even if I just get to be an assistant sometimes or whatever, I'll take it! Craig said, "Shoot I'd work for free just for the learning experience and the resume builder..." but I'm thinking all that PLUS getting paid would be pretty fantastic.

Sorry I haven't posted much - I have been mostly indoors trying to put together our house, and it's been raining non-stop. Today (Monday) is the first day we've seen any sun since last Wednesday. So I promise, if I don't write it's because nothing much is happening.

OH - Ryan, thanks so much for putting me in touch with Casey - we got together the other day and took the kids to a couple of stores to run errands, and I'm awaiting her arrival now and we're heading to a local playground/skate park. Pictures to come! She's awesome - and FINALLY another woman who loves sushi and is adventurous! When the kids are in school, we're going to go explore together even more.

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