Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Day of Swim Class

Mia with Miss Sea Turtle, her Level 3 swim teacher - Miss Sea Turtle is from Cleveland, here for the summer on a program with all the other camp teachers/lifeguards from colleges around the country. Most are early education majors, and it was a bittersweet day for them as they were leaving their summer friends!
Mackenzie was wearing the same Target swimsuit that Mia had on! So cute.
Mia with Miss Coral - from Sydney, Ohio - she taught her last session in level 2. These girls were so sweet, Mia had a great time and will miss them so much!

The rest of today's pictures can be viewed here. Enjoy! Oh - and I've already been asked to do some photography for a fundraiser - and possibly for a baseball team's group shots! I have to keep carrying that camera around....

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