Thursday, August 16, 2007

Waiting Is Torture

First of all... MMMMos Burger. (To bad it isn't MAS Burger, I know, Michael. It stands for Mountains, Ocean, Sun.) This place, in existence for 35 years last month, is just the bomb. Amazing burgers. Apparently the biggest burger chain in Japan next to McDonald's. This is the Japanese Menu, but it has pictures of the foods.

Yesterday I had the kaisen kakiage rice burger:

I'm not a mayo fan, so I got it without the mayo-based sauce, but it was definitely in need of a bit something more. However, it was DELICIOUS - a bun made out of rice, and a fritter in between made from scallops, shrimp, calamari, carrot & asparagus. And the burgers rock too - and they have milkshakes and a very nice staff. Not expensive at all either. Worthy of the first picture of the post & high praise.

Secondly - after Mia's swim class and before her ballet class I stopped at the auto shop on Kadena to see about Craig's tire (I figured I'd make an appointment if it was going to take forever). Japanese guys run it - dude comes out, looks at the busted tire's size, peeks at a tall rack of Dunlops and says, "I have that one."
"Ok, great! How long?"
"I change it now."
"Oh good! How much time will it take?"
"...15 minutes."

He lied. It took ten. And it costed $46 out the door. Dang... that was easy! THANK GOODNESS!

Here's a frameworthy picture of our kid from last night's session - as you can tell by the light, very close to sunset. I emailed it to Les in hopes that he can make that hair in the left side of her mouth disappear magically with his Photoshop wand. Then it really will go in a frame.

My cuties.
Craig was picking her up & throwing her around - of course, she hated that.

After he put her down, I got this great shot - I think this was my favorite. Shortly after this shot, Mia fell and scraped her knee which ended the family pictures. She is fine, just a lot of crying & drama.The gorgeous sunset we caught. I really hope it doesn't rain today as predicted, I'd love to get this shoot thing behind me and just see how it goes. Waiting would be torture!

Think good thoughts. Oh, and since the sunset is at about 7, they pushed me back to 4:30 - good & bad. Good because the light will be much better, bad because it'll still be very hot. Hopefully some icy drinks and a smile will help that situation!