Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Photos

Why did it take a "shoot off" for me to get out & play more with the camera? I guess because the appreciation of family and friends is great. And I love taking pictures and it makes me happy to document my kid and get some praise from my husband and others. But doing something I love this much for people I don't know, people whose appreciation I can see in their eyes when they see my pictures of their families, would be so fulfilling and sweet.

Yesterday afternoon at around 2pm it was cloudy but not dark. Unfortunately most of the pictures I shot on the sculptures, steps and platforms around Araha Beach annoyed the kid because she had to squint. "I really can't do this anymore, Mama - it's too bright, it hurts my eyes." SUFFER FOR MY CRAFT, CHILD!

(for those who don't realize it, when you click on the pictures you may see a bigger version of them)

Now I'm bummed that I don't get to play with the pictures after I take them. Lightroom rocks. I took a white balance at the beginning, but forgot to underneath a red awning where I shot a couple of these where she's lying down. You can tell on one of them I think, but the other is a pretty good fix job.

Not loving the "foot zoom" as it's called, but I'll be at it again tonight. My shoot is at 7 - hope it isn't as dark at 7 as it was last night or we'll be dealing with grainy high-ISO shots instead!

And dear readers, I'd really appreciate an honest opinion about these - you can email me or post comments. Critique away! I'll post more tomorrow, I'm taking my neighbor's family with me hopefully.

On another note - Craig got a flat on the way home yesterday. Thankfully it happened about 6 blocks away so I went to pick him up and he changed, we ate, and then went back to fix it. But lucky me - I get to take Mia to swim & ballet today and then run the car over to the shop on Kadena and hope it doesn't take hours to fix. Good times.


MAS said...

Photos look great. Love the line - suffer for my craft child!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, my daughter can't wait to get to that park with the ship, reminds me of princess diana park in London (minus the beach!)
The pic with the blue mosaic in the back is very sweek and natural. And the one of your daughter lying down is very cool too. like you I am an avid picture taker.
heres some of mine:
thanks for sharing, it is great to see pics of Oki but I am sure that heat is gonna shock me!