Friday, August 17, 2007

Cautiously Optimistic...

I just arrived home from a quick commissary/Mia clothes shopping trip (only minorly successful on the latter) to a message from Shelia referencing a call-back. Oh please don't tell me I have a do-over!

I returned the call, and she said that Serena Nicole wants to sit with me to go over what I shot (that right there is worth any disappointment I might feel at the end of all this) and make some recommendations, and then have me back for an HOUR shoot! Oh my goodness - what I could do with an hour....

Details are - Wednesday evening at 8 I'll meet with Serena Nicole at her place to go over the pictures. I'll be donning my listening ears, giant eyes, and a notebook - or maybe I should bring the video camera? Just kidding. But only a little. And then she'll go over the pictures I took (it has seriously been so hard to live without knowing if I got anything worthwhile) and make recommendations for the next shoot. I'm ALL ears.

Then, Sunday the 26th at 9am, I'll be shooting a family of 3 (almost 3-year-old daughter with parents) at a location to be announced later. For an HOUR. Sigh.... how excited am I?! Once again, butterflies.

I'm so happy, I'm trying to reason it out - like maybe she called back everyone from yesterday's shoot because it didn't really go as planned. But I hope it's because she sees something, so that's how I'll think of it. For now.

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Edith said...

Aviva, hello I just wanted to let you know what a wave of relief it is to know there are bloggers in Japan such as you and Okinawa Hai. I look forward to reading your blog and going to the places you've been to. I hope your second shoot works out and you get the job!