Thursday, February 21, 2008

100th Day of School

The kindergarten kids at Bob Hope Primary School count the days of school until they get to 100. Tomorrow (Friday, February 22nd) is the 100th day of kindergarten. There will be a huge party, a parade, snacks, candy, music, dancing, strippers, booze, and possibly illicit drugs - but I doubt it because we are on a military base, and they do drug tests.

We were tasked with making a shirt with 100 items on it. (Notice I don't say "MIA" was tasked because we all know that in kindergarten it's really Mommy homework.) After less than enthusiastic thoughts of buying Sharpies and drawing 100 whatevers on a shirt, Craig had a fantastic idea. We bought iron-on transfer paper for our computer printer and I could put 100 pictures of anything on a document and print it off and iron it on! Well, Bob Hope is the home of the Pandas, so, I give you the 100-panda 100th day shirt (there are 50 on the front and 50 on the back):
The kid is going to FLIP when she sees it tonight!

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Edith said...

This is so uber crafty of you...well of Crag's I guess! I'll file this in my crafty folder...maybe you could do one of your photographs on a t-shirt! That would be "fierce".