Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment II

Taken at sunrise time, approximately 6:50am.

16mm, f7.1, ISO 400 SS 1/50
Textured, processed, etc.
Ernie - just for you, there ARE some birds on this phone pole if you look closely! (LOVE Pixar) I don't have a fisheye, but I've gotten to play with one. I think I want a macro first (100mm). I have also played with HDR photography a tiny bit (Photomatix) and haven't bought the software yet b/c I'm still recovering from buying the 5D and the lenses to go with it - not to mention Photoshop. But I'm on it (and tone mapping I'm pretty sure you use different ECs, not f-stops, but I could be wrong). I will get an HDR shot up here somehow!

Thanks for the support & compliments, friends! Looking forward to a weekend at home - mostly. I hope it rains.

Off to 100th day of school!

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