Saturday, February 23, 2008

For the Birds

I should say for Ryan & my dad - the bird and bird photo enthusiasts. Ornithologists. Feather brains. Anyway...

My father sent this picture from the snowy yard this morning (hello, Mr. Cardinal!). Nice shot, and no - we don't have cardinals here. Nor snowstorms. Though with being stuck at home, I wouldn't mind if it were snowing!
Here are a few I took at Shuri Castle last weekend, all at 400mm, yeah - you read correctly (as I pore through my photos longing to go out and shoot today):

A duck.

A crane (?):

And a really cute little short & squat birdie I rather like. Perhaps a female rock thrush?

More telephone pole fun later. Any requests?

It poured this morning. And our office window was wide open all night long. Craig walked in to find everything that was sitting underneath the office window soaked through. THANK THE LORD our camera equipment & computer is NOT on that side of the room. And thanks to smart Suwanee & Annya putting their photographs in plastic, they were unharmed. Otherwise we are air drying some receipts and file cabinet items, but mostly it was just a pain in the rear. Now I'm running the dehumidifier too - still feels damp in here, and I don't need mold in wintertime. Or any time for that matter. I guess it will be inspiration to clean house a bit in between working on yearbook stuff and photos.

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