Thursday, February 21, 2008


Oh yeah, dawg - we get Idol here. And I'm stoked. The top 24 is better as a whole than any I've seen. Last night's guys' performance was grand.

Bottom 2, if America has ANY clue: Luke - so much of an Orlando Bloom look-alike that even Mia said, "He looks like the Pirates of the Caribbean guy!" Cute, but bad song and bad performance. Garrett: Leif Garrett (WHAT? I had no idea his first name was his doppleganger's LAST Name!?) lookalike (or Frampton, as he stated) picked a good song but didn't sing it well. He's much too green for this show. Bye bye gaunt one.

Quote of the night was by Mia after Aussie Michael Johns performed "Light My Fire":

The girls will love him, and the boys will think he rocks.

Couldn't have put it better myself, kid. And 17-year-old David WILL be a star, he was my favorite, and another one in the top 3 (with aforementioned Michael) is Jason Castro, dreadlock mon. What a cutie pie! I wonder if they'll try to make him cut off his dreads at some point. Stunning face and unique style - and great song choice.

I'm also loving this fans vs. favorites Survivor (which I thought had jumped the shark already), Californication (HELLO, Showtime, you ROCK - what a show!), the current and last season of the Wire, Friday Night Lights, and the Terminator series. What's on your viewing list?

On a final note, Apple TV - which we have and has saved us from many decent-tv-free AFN sucky nights - finally updated their software. We can rent HD movies, buy TV shows for pretty much nothing, and look at our flickr account on our 55" tv. Yay Apple!! We did also bring our TiVo - which DOES work here, so if you're coming over and you have one of your own (not the borrowed cable version thing) - bring it!


Edith said...

I'm obsessed with Top Model..I rock this show like it's cool and I think Christian is Hella "FIERCE" cause his looks are so "FIERCE" and I'm taken with his "FEROCITY".

MLH said...

How in the world did you get your Tivo to work!??! We brought ours over here and played with it for about a week before we gave up! Sorry for such a random "comment". I just found Okinawa Hai! and saw your blog link from there. Please let us know how you got your Tivo to work!!