Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vitz for Sale

My friends, Edith & Trinity, moved here in
October and 3 weeks later their 2-year-old son was diagnosed with
Leukemia. (I blogged about this when it happened.) They were flown to Hawaii immediately to start treatment.

Trinity is here for a week right now to work with TMO and get checked
out. (nice timing) He has a car to sell, and is desperate to do so super quickly. If you live on Okinawa and have interest in a car or know someone who might, read on....

It's a 2002 Toyota Vitz, 4-door, kind of a greenish-silver color. It
has a GPS and is pretty loaded up and in fantastic shape. He bought it
for $4500 and is selling it for $2500 to dump it QUICK. If anyone is
interested or needs more details, please comment on this post and it will show up in my email - I can put you in touch with him. Thanks, local peoples!

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